Why are Romanian businesses hiring staff from Asia?

Numerous Romanian businesses have experienced staffing shortages after the end of the pandemic, particularly in sectors including hospitality, construction, agriculture, and transportation. As a result, leaders in both the private and public sectors of the economy have been forced to turn to the strong labour market in Asia to revive industries that are experiencing a shortage of employees.

According to requests from Romanian businesses, The Ministry of Labour has set the maximum number of non-EU employees who can work in Romania in 2022 at 100,000. Workers from Asia are currently in high demand in many industries that focus on services, automation, or transportation.

Why did Asia over the past few years become Europe’s top exporter of labour force?

It has become clear that Asians can and will succeed in many roles that were previously filled by staff who were of European descent. The reason for this shift in the employer’s perception is that Asians have consistently shown themselves to be wonderful employees who are extremely hard workers who can adapt to any work environment and quickly develop their skills. This has the added benefit of attracting the bonus of traveling at a lower cost.

What are the benefits of Asian job placements with high demand?

Hardworking and loyal

Asian workers are renowned for their respect for both employee and employer rights. Further, they are open at additional hours upon request. Most Asian immigrants arrive in Romania with the intention of staying for the long term, adding to the stability of the hiring firms.

Lower hiring costs

Most countries of the Middle East have based their economic growth on taking in a sizable influx of Asian workers who were employed in the construction and operation of enormous cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, or Jeddah. This tendency is currently being seen in Europe, where Asian talent has taken over several industries. Asian workers are being recruited with clear economic benefits. In addition to being qualified and specialists in their fields, this group’s pay market is incredibly competitive when compared to that of European workers.

Talented and efficient

Asia offers the ideal pool of qualified employees and professional staff to meet any employer’s needs. Profitable individuals from Asia who are qualified or semi-qualified have the training and experience necessary to deal with any potential threats. They are supported by strong educational foundations and English language proficiency. More importantly, this work is done under pressure as a requirement and a responsibility to develop a crucial market segment for their national economy and support for their families’ primary source of income.

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