The biggest industries to provide the jobs in Romania.

Romania’s economy is developing at a quick and continuous pace. Almost every sector is expanding and developing at a continuous speed, and it is creating a lot of employment opportunities in the Romanian job market. Some of the sectors are growing more while some are emerging with a little bit less speed, but the economy is expanding at a great pace. Construction, Factories, agriculture, health, and IT are the most of developing sectors. In the IT sector, only, a hundred thousands of jobs are predicted in the upcoming years. For ex-pats, there lot of jobs in Romania. The job opportunities have not only brought hope for IT graduates but for recruiters and IT companies it brought concerning situations, they are looking for the solution on how to find suitable and talented candidates for these jobs. To tackle this situation, Meta leading Ex-software engineers created a Jobs platform called Huntly, which is for bridging the gap between IT product companies & recruiters.

Here is the list of emerging industries:

Information Technology:

The IT Market is one of the top expanding Romanian markets. The Romanian IT market has made a remarkable development in all aspects of IT & software fields. The Telecom sector is also one of them. The Mobile & Internet sector has also grown surprisingly at a fast pace while producing thousands of jobs.

The development also brought up a lot of investment opportunities for foreigners. The progress made IT the leading and number one growth driver with 9% of continuous growth, its worth is now more than 5 billion. IT industry is among the top contributors in providing the Best Jobs in Romania.

International software companies like Amazon, IBM & Oracle are the companies give high regard and leverage to Romanian software engineers’ quality of work as compared to western Europe. The IT software/per capita is more than that of India, America Russia & China. Universities are pouring 7000 IT graduates into the market which is now more than 100,000. The main thing which emerged in the IT sector is the income tax exemption & state aid programs which strongly encouraged the Graduates’ employment & IT development.

Bucharest is the largest IT startup center with more than 150 large and small startup IT companies in the city with some very popular for their quality of work.


Romania’s agriculture contribution in EU Oilseed & grain up to 10%. Agriculture plays a vital role in the economy, and it is currently employing around 30% of the labor force which is the highest number in Europe. Agriculture’s contribution to the economy is nearly 8.3% of the GPD with 14.7 million acres of agriculture area. Mechanization in agriculture is yet adopted like the other EU countries. 54 acres of agricultural land have 1 tractor while this value in the EU is 13 acres per tractor. In Romania, nearly 80% of tractors out of 170,000 are aging or outdated, and many of people use animal power for agriculture. If agriculture is modernized to a full extent, it can bring a higher contribution to the economy.


In mineral production, Romania is in 10th number in the list with the most diverse mineral production with over 65 different types of minerals found in the country. Romania has different types of mineral reserves which are enough for the manufacturing sector. Sodium chloride is the most found mineral, while other minerals are iron, ore, copper, mercury, uranium, barite, gold, antimony, Emry, limestone, marble, magnesium, feldspar, and many others. Oil is also produced but is not enough for Romania’s own use, so it is imported. Contact & find Jobs in Europe with Cadima You See.

Auto Industry & Manufacturing:

In 2017, the manufacturing sector saw a massive development and growth of 12.9% compared to 2016’s growth of 11.5%. Romania’s automotive industry’s annual growth is 18%. Romania is 4th largest vehicle manufacturer in CEE, the two big vehicle manufacturers Ford & Dacia are based in Craiove & Mioveni. Along with other leading vehicle manufacturers, there are over 600 OEMs factories for automotive supplies which not only meet the local market but also export parts. The auto sector part in the Romanian economy is about 28%.


The Services industry’s share in the economy is about 58.3 as of 2021 and was very high 59.98 percent in 2020 with an annual growth of 10.17% per year it is growing very fast while producing thousands of jobs. The services sectors include renting, financial services, business activities, trade, restaurants, IT & many other sectors. The retail sector provides about 12% of employment while the whole of the services industry employed about 49% of the population.


The Romanian aerospace industry is also growing rapidly while producing a lot of aerospace components and parts. Some of the aerospace parts are plane landing gears, brakes & wheels, Airplanes, Engine parts, and engines, components of airframes and airframes, and hydraulic components & equipment, software used in the Aerospace and aviation industry.

More than 30 companies are active in the aerospace industry producing 400 million Euro yearly revenue and employing over 7000 people. There are aircraft & spacecraft maintenance services that also have a good contribution to the Romanian economy.

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