Romania - emerging labour market for workers from the Philippines!

Several European nations are opening their doors to hiring foreign workers in a variety of industries, particularly in construction, health, manufacturing, agriculture, transport, and services, as the Covid-19 situation stabilizes, and travel restrictions are relaxed. Asian Manpower Recruitment

Several European nations, including Romania, have reached bilateral agreements with the Philippine Ministry of Labour to send workers to the fields where there is a staffing shortage. Austria just employed 1000 nurses and other medical professionals.

There are already 1,500 Filipino employees in Romania, and 20 new workers enter each week to work in factories, cleaning services, transportation, and the car industry. In the upcoming months, the tourism sector, including hotels, resorts, and restaurants, plans to hire personnel from the Philippines.

Because of their positive attitudes, professional expertise, seriousness about their work, and excellent English proficiency, Filipino workers are preferred by Romanian employers.

After the two nations’ Memorandum of Understanding was signed, Romania was promoted as a location that provides Filipino workers protection, prosperity, and a future. They will join other laborers who view Romania as a potential location for employment, including those from Nepal, Vietnam, and India. recrutare muncitori asia

Due to a continuing decline in the supply of workers within the country, Romanian businesses need more and more personnel. Numerous businesses, including hospitality, real estate, construction, agriculture, healthcare, and transportation, have reported a 300,000-workforce shortfall. Unfortunately, Romania set a quota of just 100,000 foreign employees in 2022 who are eligible to apply for work permits in the nation each year. Although there is a sizable pool of qualified and unskilled employees in Southeast Asia, recruitment agencies have a limited number of places available for non-EU foreign workers.

Why do Filipino workers seek employment in Romania?

Over 6 million Filipinos currently live and work abroad, making it the ninth most diasporic nation in the world. Many young people choose to work overseas because they are inclined to pursue careers outside of their own nation. They are revered as modern-day heroes since they make significant economic contributions by sending money home each month. 

Factors influencing Filipinos’ decision to work abroad are:

Job and development opportunities: Many Filipinos have made the decision to move overseas to obtain better employment chances and build sustainable careers because the Philippines is experiencing a severe lack of employment opportunities for the young and skilled workforce.

Economic benefits, better wages: Many Filipinos’ decisions to leave the country were influenced significantly by financial incentives. Salaries can be twice as better than those in the nation of origin, even for positions that do not require qualifications.

High demand for domestic workers in Europe: Many European countries preferred to hire workers from the Philippines in the roles of nannies, cleaning staff, personal care, but also in the service industry, where they made a good impression.

The chance to obtain citizenship: It is known that after many years of stay in a European country, an immigrant can obtain the citizenship of the country of residence. In the case of Romania, if a foreign worker lives continuously for 8 years in the country, he has the right to apply for Romanian citizenship.

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