Jobs in Romania – What do you need to know before landing & getting a job in Romania?

FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE TRAVEL You have to start at least a month before traveling so you can finish everything, All Important points will be further explained in detail to get a clear idea to answer all your queries. always choose a job seeker visa or contact a renowned global recruitment agency like Cadima You See. Once you decide to move to Romania, then be confident in your decision, try not to have cold feet, and step back. In fact, the relocation is always like an adventure that turned out to be a pleasant turn for life. Homework is a necessary task that you should finish before traveling to Romania.

Finally, when you have decided to move to Romania, you need to make some research about certain things about Romania. Cadima You See Romania Guide will assist you to understand all the things about Romania, the People of Romania, the Environment & Society.  

We will also be sharing tips and tricks on how to sync with people and work and most importantly be a part of Romanian culture and society. We also will be sharing valuable information about jobs in Romania, what are the most emerging sectors for job finding & how to find jobs in Romania. Recrutare Personal Nepal

Languages spoken
Official: Romanian
Others: Romani, Croatian, German, Hungarian Language, Ukrainian, Tatar, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Serbian, Slovak, Bulgarian,
Foreign: English, French, German, Italian
Population size
18.95 million Dec. 5, 2022 Data
Payroll frequency
Romanian leu/lei(pl.) (RON)


The Main language is Romanian, which is 91% of the total population’s first language, you can also find Vlax Romani, German, Hungarian & Turkish. Reports indicate that 31% of Romanian can speak English. Language is the first barrier that job-searching candidates face. Your first priority should be to at least seek the Romanian basic speaking and understanding skills so that you can communicate easily with people.

Anti-Discrimination practices:

Romania has active laws prohibiting any type of hiring discrimination, based on Nationality, Race, Origin, Family or Marital Status, Language or Color, & or sexual orientation, etc. It also has put a ban on asking some explicit questions. From this, you can understand how comfortable and under the law the work environment would be. recrutare muncitori asia

Work & Finding Job in Romania:

Possibly, on arrival, you can find a job, but due to the high level of competition, it is suggested that contact a professional recruitment agency to get your job done through. They will follow your job search & migration process & will help you succeed in finding your dream job. The Romanian language can ease a lot of your difficulties. The better is to contact a recruitment agency like Cadima You See, they will get you the desired job. recrutare indieni

The process is easy and normal, Cadima You See has high demands from employers from Romania, if your qualification, skills, and experience are according to the job demand, your application is forwarded to the employers. On employers’ approval, the embassy process is started by Cadima You See. They will get all the process completed and are responsible to receive you on arrival in Romania.  

Supplementary/Optional Benefits: 

  • Pension scheme (Voluntary)
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Disability Insurance and Group Life
  • Partial or Permanent total disability (illness, accidents)
  • Indemnity for critical illness

Additional benefits that companies may provide, but highly depends upon the position you will get.

  • Performance bonus, holiday bonus
  • Workplace canteens
  • Increased annual leave days.
  • Discounts on company products, if applicable
  • Less common perks include:
  • Flex benefits
  • Personal Skills development and coaching

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