Cadima You See was presented with a certificate of appreciation

Cadima You See was presented with a certificate of appreciation for its support of Sheikh Zayed Fakhr of the Emirates Directory. The Appreciation Certificate was gratefully received by Mr. Lucian Ion and Ms. Valentina Ion, the founder and CEO of Cadima You See.

We are extremely happy to receive this recognition. It is nothing less than an absolute honour, and we are grateful for being recognized as we intend to live up to the level of success this certificate demands.

It is an absolute privilege to be considered among the most competent in our field. We treasure this award as a precursor to greater achievements that lie before us.

This recognition will serve as a great motivator for all our future projects. We will strive to tread the path shown by our company’s ethics, while making the world a better place to live.

We are tremendously pleased to be selected to receive this award and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Sheikh Zayed Fakhr of the Emirates Directory for their collaboration and warm welcoming.

We hope to continue on the same path and forge a long-term fruitful relationship with our partners in the UAE. Cadima You See will always strive to become an organization guided by strong principles and morals, in accordance to the UAE’s values.

As a newly established business in the UAE, we have felt extremely overwhelmed with the support and guidance we have received from the competent authorities, and it is our aim to give back by extending our operations and constantly adding new talent to our growing team. We are bound by professionalism and driven by a high-level standard of services and it is our promise that we will do our due diligence to not only achieve our goals, but surpass our client’s expectations at all times.

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