Asian Manpower Recruitment - Why Romanian Companies are hiring Asian Manpower?

The Romanian labor market is looking for many countries to hire manpower from due to increasing demands for workers from different sectors and industries. Asian Manpower Recruitment is a hot trend in Romania’s Jobs Market as companies are hiring workers from many Asian countries. There could be several reasons why companies are going for Asian workers’ recruitment in Romania. Here are a few possible explanations:

Lower labor costs:

Companies may be looking to recruit Asian workers because they can be hired at a lower wage compared to local Romanian workers. This could be due to a difference in the cost of living or wage expectations in different countries.

Skills shortages:

Companies in Romania may be experiencing a shortage of skilled workers in certain sectors, such as IT or engineering. By recruiting from Asia, they may be able to find workers with the necessary skills and experience to fill these roles.

 Cultural and linguistic diversity:

Many companies value cultural and linguistic diversity in their workforce, as it can lead to greater creativity and innovation. By recruiting from Asia, companies may be able to bring in workers with different cultural backgrounds and language skills.

Existing business ties:

Some companies may have existing business ties with Asian countries and may be recruiting workers from these countries to strengthen these relationships and facilitate cross-border business operations. You must know that there would be other factors at play as well, and the specific reasons for Asian manpower recruitment in Romania.

Now we are going for the top industries which are creating jobs in Romania

As we know Romania’s economy is diverse, and there are several industries that are currently producing jobs in the country. The leading sectors in Romania that are creating employment opportunities:

IT and software development:

Romania has become a popular destination for outsourcing IT and software development services, and as a result, the industry has grown rapidly in recent years. The country has a large pool of skilled workers in this field, and many international companies have set up offices in cities like Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.


Romania has a well-developed manufacturing industry, with a particular focus on automotive and electronics production. The country is home to several large manufacturing companies, including Dacia (part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance) and Continental.


With a growing economy and increasing investment in infrastructure projects, the construction industry in Romania is experiencing significant growth. This includes projects such as road and rail construction, as well as residential and commercial building construction.


The healthcare industry in Romania is expanding, with a focus on providing better quality care and improving access to medical services. The expansion caused lot of demands for healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors & all the healthcare support staff.

Tourism: Romania is a popular tourist destination, with attractions such as the medieval city of Brasov, the Transfagarasan Highway, and the Danube Delta. The tourism industry is creating jobs in areas such as hospitality, food service, and transportation. Other industries that are producing jobs in Romania include financial services, energy and utilities, and agriculture.

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